Battlefront’s Latest Trailer Teases Your Involvement in The Battle of Jakku

November 5, 2015

comics, Star Wars

There’s an insurmountable amount of hype surrounding Star Wars this year. From the figures to the books to the trading cards to the games and movies, if it has Star Wars in the name, people are excited. If you can somehow manage to tie one of those things to another, the hype levels begin approaching stratospheric levels. While we were told Star Wars Battlefront was going to be one of the first places we’d see the destitute landscape of Jakku, a planet that’s been focused on quite a bit in trailers for The Force Awakens, we had little idea of what exactly that meant. With today’s teaser trailer for the new map, questions of “What will it be like?” were immediately replaced with statements of “I want to go to there.” Taking place 29 years before The Force Awakens, the Battle of Jakku happened about a year after the Battle of Endor, which signaled the first indication the Rebel Alliance might rid the galaxy of the Empire’s influence. There were numerous conflicts after the destruction of the second Death Star, as much of the literature under the “Journey to The Force Awakens” banner has revealed. Though Jakku’s present…

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