Watch: People try to ‘cure’ themselves of being straight

December 2, 2015

BuzzFeed, Gay, News, video

A new clip subjects straight people to some of the shocking therapies that have been used to try and ‘cure’ homosexuality. The Buzzfeed video explains: “Conversion therapy is the controversial practice of attempting to rid a person of their homosexual attraction. “We designed a therapy session based on real stories from people who have gone through conversion therapy… to try on straight people.” The clip sees an abusive psychotherapist claim: “We’re of the opinion that heterosexuality is a mental illness and an addiction that we need to work through.

“Let’s talk about your childhood… what we’ve typically found is there’s some kind of childhood trauma that’s made you straight.” When people insist they’re just normal, the psychotherapist claims: “There must have been some trauma that you can’t remember then, that we’re going to have to bring out in these therapy sessions.” The video explores some of the supposed ‘techniques’ that quacks claim can cure homosexuality. For example, the psychotherapist shows men a picture of Mila Kunis… before spraying them with water, to get rid of their “heterosexual urges”. When that doesn’t work… they resort to behavioural therapy, explaining: “If we encourage homosexual behaviour, then the feelings might follow.”…

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